Food in Baranti Village Resort

Tasty thing is on the table. Enjoy the food you love. We’ve got something for everyone.

While touring one of the major concern is food. Tourists are always seen worrying about their meals. To avoid this heckle while you stay at Baranti Village Resort we serve you delicious and wholesome meals suitable to your preference. We have appetizing thalis which include both veg and non-veg meals, these thalis can be further customised according to the customer’s preference. Besides this we also serve packed food which the tourists and guests can avail during their stay and touring journey.

Enjoy your Lunch at Baranti Village Resort
Enjoy your Breakfast at Baranti Village Resort

Food Package Rs. 750/-

Our food package is just Rs. 750/- per head per day basis which includes morning bed tea, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner.

Our In-house kitchen makes dining even more convenient for the guests staying here where they can customise the food preparation and order delicacies suiting to their taste buds. Our food packages can be personalised with the semi al la carte menu. So, not only is your lodging luxuriously sorted but also your meals are flavourfully served.

  • Veg meal is FREE for the child age up to 5 years

  • Mutton is available as per order and will be charged out of package.

  • Desi Chicken is also available as per order and will be charged out of package.

  • 5% GST is applicable on food package.

Timing – 7AM


  • Bed Tea

  • Biscuits

Timing: 8:30AM – 10AM


  • Puri

  • Aloo Sabji

  • Bread and Butter

  • Milk with Corn Flakes

  • Boiled Egg

  • Sweet

Timing: 1PM – 3PM


  • Salad

  • Basmati Rice

  • Dal

  • Bhaja

  • Mixed Vegetables

  • Fish Curry

  • Chatni

  • Papad

Timing: 5:30PM – 6PM


  • Chicken Pakora

  • Tea OR Coffee

Timing: 8:30PM- 10PM


  • Salad

  • Roti OR Basmati Rice

  • Dal

  • Sabji

  • Chicken Curry

  • Sweet

  • OR – Fried Rice, Chilli Chicken & Sweet

Food Menu at Baranti Village Resort

Baranti Village Resort Food Menu
Baranti Village Resort Food Menu

The art of fine dining.

Enjoy a vacation with your family at our Baranti Village Resort

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