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Tourists visiting Baranti for the first time might be wondering which spots to visit and how. So, for the ease of our guests, we offer tour packages which not only sort out the best touring hubs but also offer a favourable mode of transport along with it. Guests who want a pickup service to reach Baranti from Asansol can believably rely on us. We offer to drop off and pick up services to and from Asansol at many affordable rates. Besides this, we also have reasonable packages for touring nearby attractions like Maithon Dam, Panchet Dam, Joychandi Hills, Biharinath Temple, Ayodhya Hills, and many more. A detailed list of the tour service packages is given below.



1. Muradi Station Pickup / Drop Rs.300/- Rs.300/- Rs.100/-
2. Asansol / Adra – Pickup & Drop Rs.1300/- Rs.1200/- Rs.300/-
3. Purulia – Pickup & Drop Rs.2200/- Rs.2000/- Rs.500/-
4. Biharinath, Susunia Hill Rs.2000/- Rs.1800/- Rs.500/-
5. Bero, Garpanchokot, Jaychandi Rs.2000/- Rs.1800/- Rs.500/-
6. Biharinath Hill and Biharinath Mandir Rs.1200 Rs.1000/- Rs.300/-
7. Garpanchokot, Jaychandi Hill Rs.1800/- Rs.1600/- Rs.400/-
8. Garpanchokot & Panchet Dam Rs.1800/- Rs.1600/- Rs.400/-
9. Garpanchokot, Jaychandi Hill & Panchet Dam Rs.2000/- Rs.1800/- Rs.5000/-
10. Telkupi, Banda Deul, Jaychandi Hill Rs.2200/- Rs.2000/- Rs.500/-
11. Ranjandih (Mini Sundarban)
Futiyari Dam, Kashipur Rajbari, Jaychandi
Rs.2800/- Rs.2500/- Rs.800/-
12. Garpanchokot, Panchet Dam, Maithon Dam, Kalyaneswari Mandir Rs.2200/- Rs.1900/- Rs.500/-
13. Jaychandi, Garpanchokot, Panchet Dam, Maithon Dam, Kalyaneswari Mandir Rs.2700/- Rs.2400/- Rs.600/-
14. Panchet Dam, Maithon Dam, Kalyaneswari Mandir Rs.2100/- Rs.1900/- Rs.500/-
15. Garpanchokot, Panchet Dam, Maithon Dam, Kalyaneswari Mandir – Asansol Drop Rs.2600/- Rs.2300/- Rs.500/-
16. Jaychandi, Garpanchokot, Maithon Dam, Kalyaneswari, Asansol Rs.3000/- Rs.2700/- Rs.700/-
17. Panchet Dam, Maithon Dam, Kalyaneswari – Asansol Drop Rs.2400/- Rs.2100/- Rs.500/-
18. Ajodhya Hill
Hill Top, Mayur Pahar, Upper Dam, Lower Dam, Marble Lake, Bamni Falls
Turga Falls, Chardiha Village, Pakhi Pahar
Rs.5000/- Rs.4500/- Rs.1000/-
EXTRA: Khairebera OR Muruguma Rs.500/- Rs.500/- Rs.200/-
EXTRA: Khairebera and Muruguma (BOTH) Rs.1000/- Rs.1000/- Rs.500/-

Baranti Sightseeing and Travel Guide

Joychandi Hill

Tourists who are looking forward to adventures they would be elated to visit a location like Joychandi hill. It takes almost 500 steps to reach the peak of this mountain and once the peak is reached the view is bliss and the experience is for a lifetime. It is an 800 feet tall hill and is named after Goddess Chandi, a temple stands on the peak of the mountain dedicated to the Goddess of the peak.

Garpanchkot Hil

This is another distinct mountain that adds to the beauty of Baranti. Garpanchkot is also famously called the Panchet hill which is a favourite spot to many tourists as it offers a picturesque view of the Panchet dam on the banks of river Damodar.

Panchet Dam

This dam is a unique construction with a height of 45 metre and width of 11 metre. The dam is almost 7000 metres in length and stands on Damodar River. The location is refreshing with its chilling breeze. The view of the sunset that this place offers is one of its major attractions.

Maithon Dam

This is one of the most renowned tourist hub which is known for its natural beauty to such an extent that this place is considered equivalent to Kashmir, it is famously known as the Kashmir of Koyalanchal. It stands on Barakar River and is the biggest dam of Damodar Valley Corporation. The dam is encircled by quaint greenery and serves to be a bed of variant blooming flowers. The blue distil water and the refreshing air holds back the people visiting this place. If visited once then one will always wish to visit Maithon again.

Kalyaneshwari Temple

This temple is situated on the banks of river Barakar. It is not far from Maithon dam, the distance between the two is about 5 kilometres. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali who is worshipped for strength and power. If you visit Asansol then a visit to this temple should be in your list, it calms the mind and pacifies the soul.

Biharinath Temple

This temple is situated on Biharinath hill which is the highest hill of Bankura district. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the hill is named after him. Located on the foothills of the mountain, the temple is visited by every tourist for its unique location and religious value.

Susunia Hill

This hill is about 1200 feet high and is a favourite rock climbing hub for many tourists. This is an ancient hill with archaeological value. The place is highly acclaimed for its rich collection of foliage which includes medicinal plants as well. Not only flora, the hill serves to be the habitat to a large group of fauna. Animals like giraffe, Asiatic lion, hyenas, wolves and many more can be seen here.

Ayodhya Hills

This plateau is an extension of the Eastern Ghats range and is also a part of the Dalma Hills. It is an excellent touring location with captivating waterfalls, deep forests and exquisitely beautiful sceneries.

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